Updating google autofill

26-Jul-2017 19:53

A hack has been discovered in a number of popular web browsers that can use the"Autofill" feature to allow cyber thieves to view user names, emails and even passwords.

The issues were found by Viljami Kuosmanen, who states that Chrome, Apple's Safari and Opera are all vulnerable.

The moment a keypress or mouse click even occurs(not necessarily on the input fields but anywhere on the web page), somehow the model for password is updated and form is validated as shown in the second image attached.

I tried using autofocus, custom autofocus directives, timeouts but it doesn't seem to work as intended.

This might be a similar issue (same root cause, different manifestation?

) I'm not seeing the animation issues as mentioned, but the height of the Text Field container does not take into account the top margin on the input.

I tested it only in chrome so use it under consideration.

When I added an hidden username and password fields chrome ignored the entire form (unless hiding them with display:none which chrome didn't care about). 2 to make chrome ignore my form (autocomplete=off didn't work) and 2 more in a different fake form to make chrome fill, than in component Did Mount I added a timeout that copied the values from the fake fields to the real ones using redux-form change event: i found a way to update the floating label when it was auto filled by the browser. I have tried all of the above and none of them worked.

class "is-dirty" is the class that triggers your floating label.

This results in the Text Field extending 14px below the container.

It's a fairly straightforward workaround, but I'm only seeing it with autocomplete: (like many others) and I came around with an ugly workaround (just for my login form, I don't care about other forms).

I wanted to do this quick post to tell you to This test URL will show you way quicker than I can explain it in words. If you’re using autocomplete to, for instance, sign up for an email newsletter, you might have just provided that website with your full address and/or (even worse) your credit card details too.

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