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An hour-and-a-half of drug use, white guilt, and self-discovery ensues.It’s not exactly light fare, but the Killer Films production imprint that threw its weight behind the first-time auteur also brought the world films like Kids and Party Monster, so it’s definitely within the brand.I came so close but they said “Do you wanna do Lloyd instead,” and I said, “Yeah.” They’ve been incredible and it’s great to be part of something so Hispanical.

As a result, she contends that the body of Dominican male sex workers (mainly Afro-Dominicans) is represented through what she refers to as the coloniality of desire. Medina-Vilariño is an Assistant Professor of Spanish, Race and Ethnic Studies, and Latin American Studies at St. Her areas of expertise are Hispanic Caribbean contemporary literatures, films, and cultural studies.I think that would be detrimental and it would take away from the whole equality thing.I think if you have the talent and you persevere, they will find you and they will find work for you.This small biographical detail only really matters because White Girl is a semi-fictionalized account of the Oklahoma City-native’s uninhibited late-adolescence in the Big Apple.

In the film, Wood’s fictional counterpart, played by Morgan Saylor, gets in on the coke game with a Boricua neighbor who goes by the name of Blue.We saw thousands of identical Australian actresses all trying to play a midwestern American student. I mean they’re nice, but they’re hiding what sets them apart [their accent]… To speak to the Oscars, I’m not as offended as people might expect or want me to be, maybe.